How I do it - Working with a freelance copywriter, proofreader, sub-editor

I can work in whatever way suits you best. I’ll take a brief either over the phone or on email then work to your schedule. You will always see a draft and have the opportunity to make amendments until you are 100 per cent happy. I can offer you advice based on my experience but you have the final say about everything.

When it comes to cost, I can either work on an hourly rate (which is often most cost effective on smaller projects) or we can agree a price for the project up front.

Why use a professional copywriter?

You will already be communicating with clients, customers and employees but are you making the most of these vital opportunities? Using a professional copywriter will ensure all forms of communicating – including newsletters and websites – present your company in the best possible light. Using my services will also save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your company.

And, if you’re not communicating as much as you’d like to be, drop me a line and we can discuss some simple, quick and cost-effective options.